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seconds here until the 11:00 hour arrives. we wanted to let you know some of our local stations will be breaking away for local news. we want to put them on alert to come come back to us should we have to break in with national news. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> millions of americans cast their ballot for the next president of the united states. tonight the 45th president of the united states is still being decided at this very hour. >> maryland voters have been deciding crucial state wide ballot issues. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to our special election coverage.
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karzai has been quite high in many parts of the country and many people injured long waits at various polling places. boaters are delivering their election day verdict and here is a look at how things stand right now with the presidential race. as you can see is still neck and neck. mitt romney with 50% of the vote and barack obama with 48%. maryland voters once again supported barack obama. he easily picked up the state's 10 electoral votes. >> we just checked in with the obama campaign and a spokesman says with mitt romney losses in pennsylvania and new hampshire and a deficit in ohio, we are hearing a lot of confidence from the obama campaign right now. we are keeping a close watch on those key battleground states.
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virginia, ohio, and florida, where voters are still standing in line at the polls after the polls closed. thousands of people filing in, just waiting to hear more results. >> i am nikole killion at mitt romney headquarters in boston. it is pretty quiet now as supporters here wait out of these results. a little bit of disappointment expressed by the crowds at a loss of new hampshire and pennsylvania by a mitt romney to president obama. those are states that would have been critical to mitt romney, but still a lot of outstanding key battleground states, namely florida, virginia, iowa, and the biggest prize of all, ohio. >> marylanders also waited on
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seven statewide ballot questions. >> here is a look at the results right now. maryland is one of four states with a marriage on the ballot. question six which decides whether to uphold the new state law legalizing same-sex marriage. with approximately 55% of the vote in, 51% voting for an 49% voting against. maryland voters would be the first in the country to approve a marriage to the polls. voters also deciding whether to expand gambling to legalize gay it -- table games like blackjack and prince george's county. $90 million was ken king, and with it -- $9 million was spent. marylanders also had the chance to vote for or against a measure that makes some undocumented immigrants eligible for in state college tuition rates, with specific issues that have to be
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addressed. with 59% of the vote now, 58% in favor of a question for an 42% against question for. >> kai reed is live downtown with supporters of question 6. what are they saying about the results so far tonight? >> they seem very upbeat, very happy and optimistic. it is looking more like a celebration party at this point. you can hear people sharing. he talked about specific areas. prince george's county breaking even, and they said that is a good sign. they said baltimore city is looking better than expected. all the areas that and are
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looking really well. i just got off the phone with derrick malloy from maryland marriage alliance. he says he is really hopeful. he said we still have a long way to go. we will continue to watch these numbers come in. >> we do have a long way to go. the numbers are still far from being tallied in terms of the number of precincts reporting. a little more than half at this point. another hotly contested ballot question, expanded gambling, question 7. >> that means live table games would happen in all the state's casinos. it would mean the addition of a sixth site in prince george's county. david collins joins us live at the proposed location for that sixth sight.
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>> supporters are feeling more and more confident, even though the numbers are so close. 52% in favor, 48% opposed. in montgomery county, the number remains at 54% in favor. prince george's county as well as statewide, it must have 58% four, 41 cent opposed. in baltimore city there is only a 5000 boat difference between those who favor and those in opposition. baltimore county is leading against question 7. only a 9000 boat difference between them. some find it surprising that the margin is not water because of the support by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and governor martin o'malley. >> it may not be a victory
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speech just yet. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the money raised by the campaign behind the ballot questions have absolutely shattered campaign fund raising efforts. >> $96 million has been spent on question 6 and question seven alone. let's go to jane miller, live in the 11 newsroom. >> i am here with the director of the department of public policy. let's talk briefly about the gambling. nearly every poll showed it losing, and yet tonight it seems to be succeeding. what happened? >> either the polls were wrong, or something happened between the last poll and now that switched people's opinion, or the data we are getting is not representative of the polls. one of those three has to be the correct answer. >> question 6 is the historic
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ballot question in maryland. voters in no state have ever prove same sex marriage, made it legal at the ballot box. this is the latest results, with 60% of precincts in, holding a two-point lead, 51 supporting. montgomery county, a very widely, a significant lead in baltimore city. the big jurisdiction is prince george's county, and there is losing by a two-point margin. there are 74 out of 226 precincts in prince george's county that has reported. that is still a substantial number of votes to be counted. if it continues to run the that level, it would seem that this margin might hold up. >> i think so. , theince george's county rest of the precincts go heavily
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against are heavily in favor, it is just too dicey at this point to call. >> back to you in this video. >> there are several -- back to you in the studio. >> there is only one statewide race for u.s. senate. incumbent democrat ben cardin easily won a second term. here are some of the other house race is we are keeping an eye on, including this one in the sixth district between roscoe bartlett and democrat elaney. lani redistricting might make -- made here is a look at district 1 where andy harris is running for reelection, and he will be headed back to the house of representatives.
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>> ruppersberger retain his seat. sarbanes so winds. but democratic incumbent donna edwards won in the fourth congressional district and district 5, house minority whip steny loiter faced three challengers in this election, but once again he wins the seat in the house. >> representative elijah cummings has served in the challengers. represented chris van hollen also won reelection, fending off three challengers in his race. >> debra wiener is that m&t bank stadium with the democrats this evening. how are people feeling there
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this evening? >> they just read the numbers and it is clear for the local races, it was kind of a cakewalk, as predicted. ben cardin being reelected to a second term, and the roscoe bartlett loss is huge. he was very entrenched in maryland. he actually was close friends with ruppersberger. what that does for the delegation is now there is only one republican from maryland on his congressional delegation. it really did change the dynamic of the delegation. the big thing that is getting a lot of response from the democrats. it may be -- you really get a sense of the crowd reacting to the scenes all across here. one morgan state university student said, i did not know the country was so divided.
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it is a big epiphany for hire, but not for the rest of us who have been watching this and did predict a long night ahead. >> of the reason why -- all the more reason why every single vote counts. >> republicans have made pushes in several statewide races. let's check in with kerry cavanaugh, where state gop leaders are gathering tonight. >> it has been a disappointing night for the republican party in terms of local races. joining me is a national member of the republican delegation. talk about the impact of the loss of that congressional seat. what are your thoughts on the fact that now the gop only has one member in the house of representatives? >> first of all, congratulations to andy harris. roscoe bartlett has served maryland and done a great job
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over the last 20 years. martin o'malley and an incredibly democrat dominated legislature chose to read gerrymander the state and become a poster child for gerrymandering reform across the country. the third district where i live in the sixth district in the eighth district are some of the most gerrymandered districts in the entire united states. it is difficult to have one party rule in the state of maryland, which is not beneficial to the citizens of maryland. the matter how much money you give them, they will come back and ask for more. >> a lot of disappointment coming out of the republican party tonight. everyone is on edge right now, watching the screen and hoping to get some good news on the national front.
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>> obviously many of you have been following developments nationwide as the electoral map begins to fill up. >> right now we have some breaking news, nbc news -- here is a live picture right now. nbc news is predicting that the state of ohio will go to president obama. ohio is one of the key swing states and both candidates made dozens of trips to ohio in terms of shoring up the boat there. nbc news projecting at this point, at about 11:14, that the state of ohio goes to president obama. >> you cannot even say how huge that is. many people felt that without ohio, neither candidate could necessarily win. for mitt romney it is going to be crucial. kate amara is in the newsroom. big news about ohio. >> i said a few minutes ago,
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whatever the outcome, i think the nation just hopes it is a decisive victory. we do not want any more hanging chads this year. >> nbc was about five minutes behind me. the problem remains that it is a very divided country in terms of ideology. i think the first challenge is for the president to find a way to govern from the center and try to broker a compromise. the republican party clearly is going to have to reinvent itself nationally. it becomes narrower and narrower. people have moved away from ideology to the extent it is not enough for the -- >> the big question now is, what does the romney campaign blame this on? that limit on the candidate, on
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the party? -- do they blame it on the candidate, on the party? >> the candidate allowed himself to be redefined. also, the party and narrod itself. it was not reaching out to a larger, latino base, and in major swing states, i think that made a real difference. >> it is great to be with you on yet another historical night. we have a continuation of president 44. >> we are trying to update numbers as we can. we understand that nbc news is also reporting that with president obama winning the state of ohio, that gives him 274 electoral votes. either candidate would need 270 electoral votes.
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that would be half the number of total electoral votes plus one. so the president is now projected to have 274 electoral votes to mitt romney's 203. >> in chicago, where the obama campaign is, there is no cheering at romney headquarters. wild cheering at obama headquarters, because that maybe the election. >> throughout the past several weeks, we heard how many times each of the candidates went back to ohio. they were there on the last day. i believe mitt romney went back today what the president went to play basketball. mitt romney went back to do more campaigning on election day. >> at this point, we believe the president has won reelection.
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we have not heard from florida, which was a key state, but at this point we know that lord had a couple of counties out that we believe would be favorable to the president.
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